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Beating a whitetails best defense

Let me start out by saying that wind is a major factor in whether or not you even see or get a mature deer in range or any deer for that matter. Always pay very close attention to the wind while in the stand. If it's still early in the morning or afternoon and you need to make a switch to another stand I highly recommend it. You want to always put yourself up wind from where you believe the deer may be coming from. When calling or rattling the buck he will always come in downwind of your location to scent check you to be sure there is no danger. This is when all the scent control you have done pre hunt will determine the outcome. Also when using a decoy it's best to have the buck decoy quartering to you and upwind from you, that way when a buck comes in and circles downwind to get head up for the battle you have a broad side or quartering away shot. I prefer my sets to be at 20 to 25 feet but you need to do what is comfortable to you. Also when setting this high off of the ground always wear a safety harness or vest. As far as thermals go this is how it works. The thermals are pushed up in the morning along with your scent so you are less likely to be caught during morning hunts. In the evening when the thermals are being pushed downward toward the bucks best defense which gives him a little advantage as appose to morning but I prefer an evening hunt any day over morning, their always seems to be more action. Ultimately you want to gain an edge by being wind alert and as scent free as possible. If the wind is swirling all you can do is hope for the best. I mean after all it is bow hunting, anything can happen.

Recognizing Maturity
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Monday, 20 January 2020
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