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Real Taxidermy- Some of the Best

These are some of the best taxidermy pieces I have seen from the way the animal is so realistic to the way it is interacting with its surroundings.  Comment on your favorite below or send us your best!



A Smithsonian piece.

Dewey Wildlife.

No that is not a real deer.  It's a Dewey Wildlife piece. 


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Taxidermy as an Art Form...lol

Now I admit some of these are kind of cool, but others are just art take it or leave it. Definitely not your typicaly 12 point or 5 by 5 hanging over the fireplace!
















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Epic Failures of Taxidermy- What were they thinking?

Now I found a lot of very bad taxidermy when looking into this topic and I chose to leave  a lot of the worst stuff out for two reasons.  First some of it was just downright disrespectful to the animal that died. Every true hunter worth his or her integrity has respect for the animal they take, so some taxidermy is just something I won't acknowledge.  Secondly, some of the pieces were distinctly pagan and bordeline demonic.  So out of respect for my Lord, I will not share those either.   You are welcome to search them on Google.   The ones I have included are either very obviously failed attempts, poor quality, old techniques that never made it out of their decade, and pieces that left me saying 'what were they thinking?" 





Poor violated mouse, now USB.

The infamous jackalope.






The next two are old and therefore were probably pioneers in spite of what poor replicas they are. Most leopards at least have teeth.


Can I just ask who covers a fish with fur?

Yes, they dyed this fox green. 




I don't know either so don't ask...

Got any other examples?


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New World Record Mule Deer by Cody Robbins?

Have you heard about the possible new Pope & Young world record non-typical mule deer? It was reportedly taken in Saskatchewan in September of 2011. 

Cody Robbins, host of the “Live 2 Hunt” TV show took the muley that has a reported green score of ~294 inches. The standing Pope & Young world record for a nontypical mule deer is 274 7/8 inches, and was taken in Colorado by Kenneth Plank. 

Recently Cody appeared with his buck fully mounted.  The current Pope & Young World Record nontyipical mule deer scored 274 7/8. Cody’s buck was officially scored at 287 7/8. However, since a buck cannot be entered into the record book unless it is scored with the velvet stripped, it is not the offical score. Stripping the velvet may take less than 5 inches off the score which would still make it the new world record at ~282 inches, but Cody has refused to strip the velvet. What would you do if you were in his shoes?




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Albino Wisconson Deer

Rare white, albino buck in Port Washington

This photo of an albino buck was taken in Wisconsin.  The animal was standing calmly in a field watching. 

It is rare for albino deer to get very large in the wild as their obviously color makes it difficult for them to blend naturally into their surrounding.   Some states even make it illegal to shoot such deer which afford them a little more protection from one less predator.  Have you ever seen an albino or piebald deer while hunting?

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