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Training Pups

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07 Feb 2011 01:09 #4 by Mack_48
Mack_48 created the topic: Training Pups
Is it possible to train a two year old lab for duck hunting overwater? He is a swimmer and pretty obedient. I'm just wondering if I need to start with a new puppy to train him young.


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10 Feb 2011 21:30 - 11 Feb 2011 00:00 #17 by Beau_5SO
Beau_5SO replied the topic: Re: Training Pups
We’ve all heard the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well in your case that isn’t necessarily true, but you as a hunter and owner have to ask if your time is more valuable being spent other places. I’m not saying that the bond formed with your companion while training isn’t important, just put simply, you’ll get more bang for your buck(time) training a new puppy. Remember, you have to get the dog use to the sound of a gun, correct fetching commands, and proper obedience lessons. All the bad habits your dog might have now are only getting more engrained the longer you wait and will be harder to correct as you move forward in your training. The best course of action I would recommend right now if you decided to use your dog would be to get your K-9 friend in a class with other dogs who are actual retrievers. Dogs, just like humans, tend to learn best and pick up on the habits and rituals of others around them.

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02 Mar 2011 04:53 #138 by bonecollector85
bonecollector85 replied the topic: Re: Training Pups
The more time you put in with the dog the better but dont over do it. Just like people when you get tired you dont want to learn anymore and might start acting out. dont get frustrated the dog will feed a lot off your emotions. I agree bring him to a retriever club or out with one of your buddies who has a dog that is trained. Hope to hear how the dog is doin good luck

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